Sunday, 14 December 2008

We Are Open!

Following the second recent Flood on December 13th, we are fully open again from today. Indeed, Saturday 13th felt more like Friday 13th! It was due to see the final step in our phased reopening since the October flooding with the opening of our newly refurbished Devon Food Shop.

This most recent flood brought fast flowing water through the carpark again, but this time only the craft shop in the gallery was flooded. We were able to dry it out over night with minimal damage and we prevented further flooding in the Bakery and Jewelery Studio through extensive sand bagging.

Now that the water has retreated, we are reverting to our original reopening schedule. The temporary food shop in the carpark has served us well, but we are now delighted to be back in business with a new layout and style.

We hope you will come and see us soon and help us make up for a lot of loss ground in the lead-up to Christmas.

Best wishes,

Everyone at Otterton Mill

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ladythinker said...

I'm glad the 2nd flood wasn't so bad. I had my fingers crossed.The BBC local news reporter said the evening high tide time was crucial but didn't give us further news the next day - most annoying of them.
May you have a happy trading 2009.