Saturday, 13 December 2008

Mill hit again by flooding!

Sadly, we have today been closed by flooding again, just 2 weeks after our re-opening following the 30 October flood. This morning, after prolonged and heavy rainfall during the night, the River Otter has again burst its banks. The water has crossed the car-park, over-filled the leat and caused patches of flooding in the courtyard to the extent that we had no choice but to close our doors once again to our customers. Thankfully, this will be a very short-term closure, as the waters have now levelled and are gradually receding. We will, barring further extensive rainfall, re-open on Sunday 14th December.
It really is another devastating blow to the business, but we're determined to get through this current difficult time, and are looking forward to a more fortuitous 2009. Thanks again to all of our customers and neighbours who have offered their help again today.


kevin.regan3 said...

Sorry to hear of yet further problems and wish you well for a dry 2009!!
We make a point of getting some of your loaves whenever we visit our brother in law in East Budleigh, really tasty bread!!

ladythinker said...

And you should try the cheese n chives scones -kevin - they're really special.