Monday, 10 November 2008

Mill Reopening Timeframes

Many thanks to everyone who has offered support and enquired about our progress towards reopening. At the time of writing all buildings have been cleaned and sanitised, with fans and dehumidifiers installed to accelerate the drying process. Some buildings could take more than 3 weeks to dry and refit, others will be quicker as long as we have favourable weather conditions. Unfortunately, as we write, flood waters are again encroaching onto the car park and the sandbags have been re-installed. Please keep your fingers crossed for us.

Our current plans for reopening will probably follow the sequence outlined below, all time-frames are estimated and are changing daily. Please continue to monitor this blog for daily updates on the opening schedule:

Estimated Opening Sequence:
Bakery - Wednesday, November 12th
Temporary Shop - Thursday, November 13th (via a porta cabin in the car-park)
Gallery - Friday, November 21st
Restaurant - Friday, November 21st
Permanent Shop - Friday, November 28th
Mill and Full Site Opening - Monday, December 1st

The temporary shop will carry a limited range of breads, sandwiches, soup to go, plus other treats and Christmas produce.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Best wishes,

Everyone at Otterton Mill

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