Friday, 7 November 2008

Chicken Rescue

Our 5 ex-battery hens survived a traumatic ordeal in their hen-house after flood waters lashed against the walls throughout the night of 30th October. Our brave girls (Elena, Treacle, Rosie, Jasmine and Marmalade) had arrived in their new home only 2 weeks prior to the floods, having spent the first year of their lives in a cage with a floor area no larger than an A4 sheet of paper. They had taken to their new surroundings with relish and had already established the pecking order with Elena triumphing as hen-in-chief. Unluckily for them, the flooded River Otter left them stranded inside their new home as a torrent of water and debris battered the sides of the wooden structure. Thankfully, the house was built on 3 foot stilts which kept the floor of the coop just inches from the river as it peaked. The girls were rescued from their plight by a team of RSPCA wardens as the flood waters receded. They are now safe and dry in a temporary home in the care of Helen and Simon, their owners.

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